Structure of the Techstars Berlin accelerator program

This Techstars Berlin accelerator is a three-month, 90-day program that runs from the end of January until the end of April 2020. To understand how it works for startups, we can break this acceleration process into a few different phases.

Month One: Grow your network

Meet tons of mentors from the Techstars networks, and find the ones who will be your lead mentors throughout the program. Some of these mentors may even choose to work with you after the program ends.

These mentors help with product development, market-fit, and provide valuable introductions to help grow your company fast.

You'll get as much feedback as possible from mentors, investors, and prospective customers

Month Two: Execute

Go deeper with your Techstars lead mentors, work with your MD (Jag Singh), gain traction and hit your milestones -- whether that's a prototype, building out the next phase of your product, first customer, etc.

Time to step on the gas! Now that you have a ton of feedback and a support team, execute!

Month three: Strategy & Demo Day

Figure out your fundraising strategy, and prepare your investor collateral

Learn how to communicate your vision to customers, investors and future team members.

Refine a great pitch, leverage demo day to kickstart your fundraising or close a key customer/partner.

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