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The application window for Techstars Berlin closed on 13 October, 2019. If you've already applied, stay tuned - you'll get our responses via F6S.
Other Techstars programs in cities around the world will open their applications soon, check out

If you're curious about what the Techstars program team wants to see from founders in their accelerator applications, look no further! We've put together this guide to share tips and suggestions on each question that's included within the official Techstars application form on F6S.

Techstars Berlin looks for companies that are actively seeking out opportunities to work closely with the Managing Director (Jag Singh, who's one of the most active angel investors in Europe), the Techstars program team, alumni, and also the wider Techstars Berlin mentor pool. We also like companies that are looking to set a foothold in Berlin and leverage its status as a gateway to the rest of Europe.

Udo Schloemer, Founder and CEO of Factory Berlin, said:  “Berlin has one of the most inclusive and diverse startup ecosystems in the world. You don’t need a German passport or an Ivy League diploma to succeed here: the Berlin startup scene is open for business and welcomes founders and talents from everywhere.”

Naren Shaam, CEO of GoEuro, said of the Berlin startup ecosystem: “The city is full of the energy needed to drive tech businesses like GoEuro forward. It has the right ingredients to scale a business, including access to capital, good education and training opportunities.”

Your answer to this question will have no bearing on the application screening and vetting process.

Your answer to this question will have no bearing on the application screening and vetting process.

We're interested in your ability to succinctly describe your company in a tweet-length blurb. 

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